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Raptor Informatics provides a range of services to current and prospective clients, from advice on data management processes and procedures to full implementation, training, management and support of one or more selected solutions.

Advice and Auditing

A Systems Audit documents the current informatics systems in place within a company, which deal with core corporate data. The product of a Systems Audit is a document that defines what the client currently has in place in term of core corporate informatics systems.

System Management and Support

User Training

Provision of new software and processes is all very well, but if your users don’t know how to use the new products then uptake will be slow and problematic. Appropriate user training ensures that a Client’s users can operate the new software capably and are aware of how new processes work, so that the uptake of a new project is as simple and painless as possible.

Provision of more general application training is also possible, either via Raptor Informatics or alternate providers.

Bespoke Solution Specification and Development

Project Requirement Generation

Project Requirement Generation is the procedure that determines what the client requires to achieve the goals of an outlined project. The result of Project Requirement Generation is a document that clearly defines the client’s requirements for a specified project.

System Design and Gap Analysis

Systems Design and Gap Analysis are two separate but closely related entities.

System Design is the process by which the Client’s user requirements are analysed to give the core functionality and processes of the end product. These are then analysed and the methods by which these functions and processes can be achieved within the scope of the project are documented. Essentially the result of System Design is a document that describes how a system that encompasses the client’s requirements can be built, within the overall scope of the project.

Gap Analysis provides information on the requirements and steps needed to proceed from the client’s current informatics position to the position proposed at the end of the project. In simplest terms it defines the requirements to get from point A, where we are now, to point B, where we want to be at the end of the Project. This may be a subset of the System Design requirements as the Client may have some processes in place already that can be re-used within a project.

System Development and Implementation

System Development and Implementation is the process by which the System Design is transformed into workable applications and processes. This may include software development, implementation of third party systems and process re-design. All aspects of SDI, software and processes, are fully tested to ensure that they work as required before they are deployed to a live environment.